Word is the most frequently used of all word processing programmes.  You may only need to create business letters that are fairly short, however there are still a lot of tools available in Word that will help you to create business letters that are laid out beautifully with the minimum of effort.  Just learning about short cut tools saves time, or you may wish to have a template with pre-formatted text created within your programme.

If you deal with tender documents that need a lot of numbered paragraphs and a menu towards the front of the document then have a look at the Intermediate and Advanced course outlines here.   Your tender document can be created quickly with the minimum of fuss if you learn how to manipulate number patterns, control the way that images and tables are displayed, and how to create an automatic table of contents within the document.

Look at our BITESIZE Word Workshops

These workshops last for only 2.5 - 3 hours and so minimise the amount of time you will spend away from work.  They also concentrate on specific skills that you can develop to speed up your word processing skills

 If you would find this programme useful for any kind of Word document look at the course outlines in the links from this page.   If you wish you can choose specific skills from each of the levels (Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced) to make up your own course.  If this is the case please feel free to contact us on enquiries@msctraining.co.uk  or ring 0191 2681831